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George Lyakhovetski

Gosha (Georgi Lyakhovetsky) was born in Kiev on December 16, 1977. In 1986, he moved to Moscow with his parents where he later graduated from the Experimental High School of the Academy of the Pedagogical Sciences and the Department of Journalism at the Moscow Open State University.

He worked as an assistant cameraman at the TV show known as the World of Animation. Since 2005, he has been working as a stage designer at the Sphera Theatre.

He took up drawing in 1996 under the tutorship of the wonderful artist and teacher Lyudmila Tanasenko. She was an artistic director of such famous animated cartoons as The Boy Was Walking While the Owl Was Flying, A Big Secret for the Tiny Bonhomie, and others.

Gosha’s works are full of purity, child’s world perception, joy, and optimism. His works are charming and his sense of color and composition is off the beaten line. His simplicity is poetic and enchanting. Amazing is his openness and a world perception which is true and sincere.

Gosha participated in the exhibition dedicated to the opening of the World Animation Festival “Krok-98” held at the Moscow Cinema House where his work became the festival emblem.

October 1999 saw his first solo-exhibition at Karina Shanshieva Gallery, the Moscow House of Artists (MHA). Later Gosha’s works were exhibited at the United Moscow Artists Exhibition (MHA) called “Hello New Year Tree!” in December 2002 as well as at the Andreyevsky Spusk Art Gallery in Kiev.
The second Gosha Lyakhovetsky’s solo-exhibition was held at NaSolyanke Art Gallery exhibiting 125 his paintings. More than 600 people came to see his art.

In June 2004, Gosha Lyakhovetsky’s solo-exhibition of 22 paintings was held at The International Animated Films Festival in Zagreb, Croatia. Gosha’s drawing “A Clown with a Dog” was given to the Swiss film director Georges Schwitzgebel as a prize of the Organizing Committee for the best music in the film Man Without A Shadow.
In December 2004, Gosha’s 20 paintings were shown at Goshka’s ARK exhibition at the gallery “Russian Book Store # 21”, Fifth Avenue – 174-176 in New York.

In 2005, film director Dmitri Naumov shot a film based on Gosha’s drawings called “Cat Walking” and that same year shown at the International Animated Films Festival “Krok” as well as at the festival’s program for children in Leipzig, Germany. It was recognized as one of the most popular films of 2005 by the RAMBLER Internet network. In the end of the same year the film won the first prize at the Minsk International Film Festival “Listopad”.

Today Gosha is a member of the Youth Section of the Russia’s Union of Artists. His works are owned by private and corporate art collections in Russia and abroad such as the collections of the famous Russian animated films directors Yuri Norshtein and Eduard Nazarov, Menatep Bank, Tonino Guerra, an artist, poet and Federico Fellini’s script writer, Naum Medovoi in New York, and many others. Over 20 works by Gosha are exhibited at the International Office of Geokosmos company in Moscow.


1. Cat walk (2005)
2. Four ages of love - introduction (2008)
3. Gosha\\\'s tales (in production)


CAT WALK - First prize on International cinema festival *Listopad* in Minsk (2005).

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