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Vladimir Petkevich

Born in 1952. In 1981 he completed advanced Courses in seriptwriting and directing and until 1990 worked at Sverdlovsk film studio, after which he moved to Minsk.


“Night” 1984(10min) – prized in Moscow, Tbylisy, Ryazan’
prize “The Silver Plane” of the Chicago
International Film Festival.
“The Tale About Little Insect” 1985 (10min)
“Tree of Motherland” 1987(10min)
“How To Become A Man” 1988 (20min) – prized in Ekaterinburg,
the main prize “Golden Dove”
in Leipzig (Germany)
prized in Zagreb (Croatia)
spesial prize jury of the Hiroshima
Film Festival (Japan)
“The Guardian” 1989 (10min)
“Dreams” 1992 (20min)
“Moon”(with E.Petkevich) 1993 (20min) - prize of the Animated Film Festival
“the Minsk’s spring” (Belarus)
Rolan Bykov’s prize in Moscow
“The Tale About Silly Chicken” 1994 (10min)
“Once Upon A Time There Was A Tree…”1996 (10min) – prize ”The Bronze
in Moscow (Film Festival
of the Slavian Peoples)
Moscow Animation Project “Golden Leaf”, “Pashkoff’s house”, “Red Square”, “The Temple” 1997
“Owl” 1998(10min) - prized in Minsk ( Minsk’s Film market, Belarus)
“The Ruff And The Sparrow” 2000 (10min)
“How The Tortoise Won Respect” 2001(13min)
“The Elephant And Four Blind Men” 2004(7,5min) - Emile Reynaud\\\'s prize, Auch
“Tales of The Old Piano” 2006 (26 min)

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