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Kuzma Bodrov

Kuzma Bodrov, born in 1980, Osh (Kyrgyzstan). Graduated from Moscow State conservatory in 2005 and postgraduate course in 2008 with an Honored Master of Art Professor A.Tchaikowsky. Now Kuzma teaches polyphony, harmony and musical forms at Moscow conservatory. He founded and co-chairs the Young composers club and is member of the laboratory of Dmitry Krymov a painter and cinema director. He also teaches in the High Degree Courses for Directors and Screenwriters in Moscow. Kuzma Bodrov is the Music Director of the Moscow Young Generation Theater (MTYuZ). Kuzma is a prize-winner of national and international competitions: S. Prokofiev (St. Petersburg, 2012, I Prize), N. Myaskovsky (Moskow, 2012, I Prize), N. Petrov (St. Petersburg, 2008, III Prize), D. Shostakovich (St. Petersburg, 2006, I Prize) and others. He won the D. Shostakovich award from Moscow conservatory and Composer prize from Deutsche Welle radio (Germany, Bonn). He cooperates with Universal Edition in Vienna. From 2011 Kuzma Bodrov is Resident Composer of the Symphony Orchestra and Quire JMJ - Madrid. He is an author of several works, composed for Mass of His Holiness Pope Roman Benedict XVI Mass (JMJ Madrid-2011). He is also author of such compositions as a symphony for big symphony orchestra, X. M. Mixed techniques opera, concertos with orchestra for violin, piano, viola; chamber, cinema and theatre music, numerous transcriptions.

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