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enlarge Russian Federation Government Prize for «Tales of the old piano»

Annual Russian Federation Government Prize in the field of culture was awarded to the project of educational animated films «Tales of the old piano» which is being produced by Studio M.I.R.

The State Prize is a great glory and honour for the whole team of Studio M.I.R. and for everyone who also has been working on the project. The Prize will be personally presented to the author of the project Irina Margolina, to its consultant - professor of Moscow conservatory Elena Dolinskaya and to director Oxana Cherkasova. The official award ceremony will be held in 2014.
enlarge screening of «George Gershwin. The story of the Gershwin family as told by Izzy Shmulevich»

On December, 14 screening of «George Gershwin. The story of the Gershwin family as told by Izzy Shmulevich» from «Tales of the old piano» will take place in Yakov Flier Children's School of Art (in Orekhovo-Zuevo town). Pupils and graduates of the School's instrumental and vocal departments took part in shooting of the film and are mentioned in the credits. The screening will celebrate the birthday of the film's artist – George Lyakhovetsky. 
On December, 1 at annual Festival of Russian art «Russia – Italy. Through centuries» in Rome will be shown films from «Tales of the old piano» series

The films will be presented by Irina Margolina – their author and producer. The presentation will take place in Russian centre of science and culture. The festival in Rome is hold by the Department of International Programmes of Russian Culture Fund together with Russian Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs and will last from November, 29 to December, 9 (dmpkultura.ru).
Irina Margolina will also present «Tales of the old piano» series in New York in 2014 on February, 4 in School of Visual Arts (Manhatten) (www.sva.edu).
enlarge «Tales of the old piano»

On 2 October at the Festival of Russian cinema in Milan 2013 the first deputy chairman of Filmmakers’ Union of Russia S. V. Lazaruk will present an animated educational project by Studio M.I.R. “Tales of the old piano”. The spectators will watch six films form the series: “Antonio Vivaldi” (2007), “Gioachino Rossini. Gourmet’s notes” (2010), “Sergei Prokofiev. The fourth orange” (2010), “Tchaikovsky. An elegy” (2011), “J. S. Bach” (2011), “George Gershwin. The story of the Gershwin family as told by Izzy Smulevich” (2012).
enlarge Exhibition of pictures by Gosha Lyakhovetsky

From 19 to 30 September 2013 within the XXIII international film festival “Message to Man” an exhibition of pictures by Gosha Lyakhovetsky will take place in the Museum of modern art ERARTA in Saint-Petersburg. The exhibition is titled “In love”. The opening ceremony and screening of films by Gosha’s pictures will be held on 22 September. All the details about the exhibition you can find on the museum’s site www.erarta.com
enlarge KROK-2013

On 9 September in Kiev at the XX international festival of animated films KROK-2013 within the category of children’s films a diploma “For the non-boring education” was rewarded to “J. S. Bach” from “The tales of the old piano”.
enlarge «Window to Europe»

At the XXI festival of Russian cinema “Window to Europe”, which took place in Viborg from 8 to 15 August, film by Irina Margolina “George Gershwin” from “Tales of the old piano” got a diploma “For musical bravery in developing of musical theme”. Congratulations to the author and the team!
On 25 June a meeting with Irina Margolina was held as a part of «Female point of view» festival.

From 24 to 30 June, 2013 the 49 International Festival of New Cinema took place in Italian town of Pesaro. On 25 June a meeting with Irina Margolina was held as a part of the special program of the festival called “Female point of view” and dedicated to Russian women directors in animation. During the meeting the audience watched five films from the “Tales of the old piano”.
Premier of film «George Gershwin».

On 23 June, 2013 within the Program of Russian cinema at the 35 Moscow international film festival a premier of «George Gershwin» (from the «Tales of the old piano») by Irina Margolina was held in the Small hall of the House of cinema. Also the film was selected for the XXI Festival of Russian cinema «Window to Europe» which will take place in Viborg from 8th to 14th of August.
Film «J. S. Bach» was selected for the official competition at KROK festival.

In May 2013 film «J. S. Bach», written by Irina Margolina and directed by Elena Petkevich, was selected for the official competition at KROK International festival of animated films, which will take place on the board of «Dnepr’s Princess» from 1st to 10th of September.

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