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enlarge ‘Golden Eagle’ national award.

‘Chopin’ animation film directed by Irina Kodyukova and produced by Studio M.I.R. was nominated for the ‘Golden Eagle’ national award.
enlarge ‘Marco Polo’ Show In Rimini

On September 21, 11.00, at the Teatro Novelli of Rimini ‘Marco Polo’ will be staged — a musical journey, led by Ara Malikian (violin), Luis Gallo (guitar), Flavio Albanian (narrator). It’s the first event of ‘Harmoniously’ section of the Malatesta Music Festival devoted to children. The cartoon playing on the background of the stage was made by Studio M.I.R. based on George Lyahovetsky drawings (directed by Alexandr Guriev and Dmitry Naumov). Music by Paganini, Vivaldi, Dvořák, Khačaturjan and Ara Malikian is played.

The show is dedicated to the great Italian poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra who, like Marco Polo, has looked at the world through the eyes of a child.

Website of the festival: www.sagramusicalemalatestiana.it
enlarge ‘Tchaikovsky’ coming back home.

The tremendous event took place on July 12th in Klin, State House-Museum of P. I. Tchaikovsky.

‘Tchaikovsky’ puppet — the hero of the animation film ‘Tchaikovsky. An Elegy’, from the series ‘Tales Of The Old Piano’ was given forever to the museum by the director of the film Barry JC Purves, well known puppet animator from Great Britain. As Barry Purves said, ‘“Tchaikovsky” coming back home!’

On the day before, 11.07, Barry and other creators of the film met with Russian animators in the British Embassy. Barry shared his view on Tchaikovsky’s music, history of the film’s creation and how he interacted with the doll. The event was attended by Irina Margolina, Nataliya Dabizha, Stanislav Sokolov, Elena Chernova, Alexey Demin, Andrey Khrzhanovskiy, Aida Zyablikova and others.

The events were organized by: Studio M.I.R., the State House-Museum of P. I. Tchaikovsky, Embassy of Great Britain in Russia, Business Traveller Magazine and Russian Animated Film Association.
enlarge Diploma for animation film «Marco Polo’s travel»

Open Russian Animation Film Festival in Suzdal( 19 – 24 of March).
Film «Marco Polo’s travel, or how America was discovered» received the diploma ( category «Graphic features»). Film director: Alexander Guriev, artists: Georgy Lyahovetsky and Alexander Guriev.
enlarge Show «Marco Polo. Musical voyage for children» in Modena

In the ancient Italian town of Modena was held a musical show based on pictures by Gosha Lyakhovetsky and on animated films – «The journey of Marco Polo or, how America was discovered» directed by Alexandr Guriev and «Gosha’s tales» directed by Dmitry Naumov. The theatre of Modena attracted hundreds of young children and their parents who would interrupt the show with rapturous ovation several times. The video after Gosha’s pictures was accompanied by Spanish violin virtuoso Ara Melikana and guitarist Luis Gallo who were playing pieces from Nikolo Paganini, Antonio Vivaldi, Aram Khachaturian. The event was organized by one of the major theatrical producers in Italy - A.T.E.R. (Associazione Teatrale Emilia Romagna).
enlarge Russian Federation Government Prize presentation

On February, 5 in 2014 Russian Federation Government Prize in the field of culture was officially presented to its laureates in the White House in Moscow. For «The tales of the old piano» by Studio M.I.R. the Diplomas of Laureate and decorations were given to playwright, director and producer Irina Margolina, musicologist Elena Dolinskaya, and in absentia – to director Oxana Cherkasova. The Prize was presented by Olga Golodets – Deputy Prime Minister. Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Federation Prime Minister, also delivered a greeting speech to the Prize laureates.
enlarge «Tales of the old piano» presentation in New-York

On February, 4 in School of Visual Arts (SVA) theatre the presentation of «Tales of the old piano» took place. Six films from the project were shown – «Ludvig van Beethoven», «Antonio Vivaldi», «Giaochino Rossini. Notes of a gourmet», «Fourth orange. Sergei Prokofiev», «Tchaikovsky. An elegy», «J. S. Bach». The project was introduced by Reeves Lehmann – Chair of Animation and video department in SVA and Catherine Branscome – Studio’s M.I.R. distributor in America.
enlarge Russian Federation Government Prize for «Tales of the old piano»

Annual Russian Federation Government Prize in the field of culture was awarded to the project of educational animated films «Tales of the old piano» which is being produced by Studio M.I.R.

The State Prize is a great glory and honour for the whole team of Studio M.I.R. and for everyone who also has been working on the project. The Prize will be personally presented to the author of the project Irina Margolina, to its consultant - professor of Moscow conservatory Elena Dolinskaya and to director Oxana Cherkasova. The official award ceremony will be held in 2014.
enlarge screening of «George Gershwin. The story of the Gershwin family as told by Izzy Shmulevich»

On December, 14 screening of «George Gershwin. The story of the Gershwin family as told by Izzy Shmulevich» from «Tales of the old piano» will take place in Yakov Flier Children's School of Art (in Orekhovo-Zuevo town). Pupils and graduates of the School's instrumental and vocal departments took part in shooting of the film and are mentioned in the credits. The screening will celebrate the birthday of the film's artist – George Lyakhovetsky. 
On December, 1 at annual Festival of Russian art «Russia – Italy. Through centuries» in Rome will be shown films from «Tales of the old piano» series

The films will be presented by Irina Margolina – their author and producer. The presentation will take place in Russian centre of science and culture. The festival in Rome is hold by the Department of International Programmes of Russian Culture Fund together with Russian Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs and will last from November, 29 to December, 9 (dmpkultura.ru).
Irina Margolina will also present «Tales of the old piano» series in New York in 2014 on February, 4 in School of Visual Arts (Manhatten) (www.sva.edu).

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