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March 6, 2020

For Studio M.I.R. spring has begun in the best way. March 1, in the legendary House of Cinema on Vasilyevskaya Street, we again presented "M.I.R. to Peace"! This time, three premiere episodes of the sensational animated film “Beastly Robberies” were shown (recall that the television premiere of the series took place on January 1–4, 2020 on the STS kids channel), in which Catsby (cat) and Barkley (dog) prevent the theft of masterpieces from the Louvre, the Prado and the Pushkin Museum, and at the same time tell young viewers a lot of interesting things from the history of art.

The audience also saw the poetic animated film “Marco Polo, or how America was discovered” based on drawings by the artist Gosha Lyakhovetsky (director Alexander Guryev, 2016), who received the diploma “Best in the world” from the prestigious Japanese animation festival in Hiroshima, and the cartoon “Cat and Mouse” (director Natalia Chernysheva, 2017) - winner of the Golden Eagle national award in the nomination "Best animated film".

And there were also sweet surprises for young spectators from our studio and partners of the event - Cafe Brusnika.

The exhibition of works by George Lyakhovetsky has ended at the House of Scientists in Pushchino. The exposition presented 22 posters on the most famous graphic and pictorial works of the artist of different years. The exhibition reflected the themes of birds and flowers, characteristic of Lyakhovetsky’s work, as well as the new theme of mice, dedicated to 2020.

At the exhibition, cartoons were shown based on the artist’s drawings, and at the opening day and the finish line, visitors were able to see three series of premiere animated films by M.I.R. - “Morsi” and “Beastly Robberies.”

Exhibition curator - Boris Korshunov

The characters of our new cartoon “Beastly Robberies” - detectives Meowson(cat) and Ruffson (dog), investigating the disappearance of masterpieces from leading world museums, were seriously interested in and, obviously, already fell in love with the Russian audience. In just a few days, the first episode of the cartoon (about the Louvre) gained nearly a million views on the STS Kids channel on VK. Invented by scriptwriter Irina Margolina and drawn by animation artist Alexei Alekseev - Meowson and Ruffson - not only masterly prevent the theft of museum values, but also educate young spectators about the history of art, teach them to be honest, kind and courageous.
"M.I.R. - TO PEACE" December 8, 2019 / Cinema House

December 8 at the House of Cinema Studio M.I.R. gave "M.I.R. - TO PEACE" - This is what the event was called, for children and parents, which became the first in a series of special animated shows. First, the young spectators in the foyer were entertained and taught by the clown Plukh (Yuri Kudinov), who, by the way, composed the music for the cartoon “Morsi”. And then, taking places in the Great Hall, the audience saw a selection of the best animated films of the Studio, among which were three series of “Morsi” - a film about the adventures of a guinea pig. The event ended with a friendly performance of the title song from this cartoon. And that was great! Thanks to everyone who came!

Photo Boris Korshunov

2009 became truly special for the Studio M.I.R., because exactly 10 years ago the studio released as many as 10 cartoons! The luckiest were “Contemporary Tales Of the World”: studio created 6 cartoons in this animated series. All of them are based on the poems of the Russian children's poet and writer Arthur Givargizov. The famous series “Tales Of the Old Piano” was replenished with animated films dedicated to Mozart and Schumann. The film "Gosha's Tales" based on drawings of the artist Gosha Lyakhovetsky also appeared in 2009. The first series of "KOAPP" ("The Lake Is Lost") was released in the same year.

Morsi guinea pig won the diploma in the nomination “Best Animated Film” at the "Progress" Creative Film Association festival (Rostov-on-Don). Congratulations to Morsianka!
5th National russian Animation Award «IKAR» — BEST EPISODE

Gosha's Exhibition at SUZDALFEST 2018

Guest of the Open Russian Festival of Animated Film in Suzdal were greeted by the exhibition "From Boy with a Rooster to Girl with a Goose". This year's competition theme was "Tasty Animation" — so the exhibition reflected it too.

enlarge MATRIX21 Exposition Opening

MATRIX21 Exposition opens on November 21st at 7 pm. Gosha Lyakhovetsky, among the other 21 artists, transformed USSR foundry molds into pieces of art.

21 Elektrozavodskaya Ul
Entry K

More about the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/953189584821933/rus
enlarge Screening at the Russian Children Book Festival

Studio‘s films will be screened at the opening of the Russian Children Book Festival on October, 28th: “Caterpillars”, “Wallace’s List”, and two episodes of SIMON. More about festival:: http://rgdb.ru/home/news-archive/3792-programma-iv-vserossijskij-festival-detskoj-knigirus

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