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enlarge The awarding ceremony of the prize «Golden eagle» was held in the first pavilion Mosfilm studio

The award for the «Best animated film 2016» was given to the film «Cat and Mouse» (Studio «M. I. R.», directed by Natalia Chernysheva, producer Irina Margolina). 
Our congratulation to the Director and the creative team of the film with a highest film award!
enlarge «CAT and MOUSE» - nominee for the GOLD EAGLE award

National Academy of cinema arts and Sciences of Russia assumed the results and submitted nominees for the award «Golden eagle» for the year 2016.
Among the nominees included film production company «STUDIO M. I. R.» «CAT AND MOUSE». 
Congratulations to the Director Natalia Chernysheva, and the entire creative team of the film.
enlarge «A journey of Marko Polo, or how America was»

A film-fantasy «A journey of Marko Polo, or how America was discovered» based on pictures by George Lyakhovetsky which tells about a mysterious adventures of the famous explorer in Georgia, Armenia, China and other countries. The pictorial film directed by Alexander Guryev was awarded a special diploma at the prestigious animation festival HIROSHIMA-2016 (Japan).
enlarge «Cat and Mouse»

One of the latest Studio MIR's cartoon «Cat and Mouse» (2016), directed by Natalia Chernysheva began its procession through the world's largest animation festivals, such as TINDIRINDIS (Lituania), CINANIMA (Portugal), Tehran International Animation Festival (Iran), Reggio (Italy), Orlyonok (Russia), Fantoche (Switzerland) and others. For the first time this short film was shown at the Suzdal Festival (Russia) whereupon caught the interest of the professional community and the wide public.
enlarge Animation Festivals 2016

Over the past few months Studio M.I.R.’s cartoons "Johann Strauss", "Mikhail Glinka", "Frederic Chopin" and "Claude Debussy" from the series "Tales of the Old Piano" took part in numerous international festivals, such as Tricky Women (Austria), Go Short (Netherlands), MIAF (Australia), ReAnimania (Armenia), Cinanima and Monstra (Portugal), The International Children's Film Festival (USA), Annecy (France), national competitions "Nika" and "Golden Eagle", as well as many others. Special attention has been paid to the films "Johann Strauss", directed by Elena Petkevich and "Marco Polo", directed by Alexander Guriev at the prestigious animation festival HIROSHIMA (Japan). The film "Johann Strauss" was shown in a special section of children's animation.

«The Tales of the Old Piano. Chopin» directed by Irina Kodyukova and produced by Studio M. I. R. has been awarded for the Best Animated Series at the 11TH WORLD FESTIVAL OF ANIMATED FILMS IN VARNA (WFAFilm)
enlarge ‘Attention! KOAPP is speaking and showing!’ exhibition in the State Darwin Museum in Moscow. 29.04­–26.07

On April 29 the State Darwin Museum presented a new exhibiton dedicated to children’s radio and television show ‘KOAPP’ created by famous writer Mailen Konstantinovsky.

Visitors of the exhibition could hear familiar voices of the Soviet actors (Olga Ostroumova, Vsevolod Abdulov, Semen Farada and many others), who created brilliant animal characters, as well as 70 original dolls used for creating the cartoon (provided by the Moscow’s Museum of CInema). Also visitors could discover real prototypes of the characters from the wildlife, take a fresh look at the ironic quotes and colorful illustrations from the books of Mailen Konstantinovsky and read dozens of genuine letters addressed KOAPP by children.

The exhibition ‘Attention! KOAPP is speaking and showing!’ will be held in Moscow in the main building of the State Darwin Museum at Vavilova, 57 until 26 July 2015
enlarge ‘Golden Eagle’ national award.

‘Chopin’ animation film directed by Irina Kodyukova and produced by Studio M.I.R. was nominated for the ‘Golden Eagle’ national award.
enlarge ‘Marco Polo’ Show In Rimini

On September 21, 11.00, at the Teatro Novelli of Rimini ‘Marco Polo’ will be staged — a musical journey, led by Ara Malikian (violin), Luis Gallo (guitar), Flavio Albanian (narrator). It’s the first event of ‘Harmoniously’ section of the Malatesta Music Festival devoted to children. The cartoon playing on the background of the stage was made by Studio M.I.R. based on George Lyahovetsky drawings (directed by Alexandr Guriev and Dmitry Naumov). Music by Paganini, Vivaldi, Dvořák, Khačaturjan and Ara Malikian is played.

The show is dedicated to the great Italian poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra who, like Marco Polo, has looked at the world through the eyes of a child.

Website of the festival: www.sagramusicalemalatestiana.it
enlarge ‘Tchaikovsky’ coming back home.

The tremendous event took place on July 12th in Klin, State House-Museum of P. I. Tchaikovsky.

‘Tchaikovsky’ puppet — the hero of the animation film ‘Tchaikovsky. An Elegy’, from the series ‘Tales Of The Old Piano’ was given forever to the museum by the director of the film Barry JC Purves, well known puppet animator from Great Britain. As Barry Purves said, ‘“Tchaikovsky” coming back home!’

On the day before, 11.07, Barry and other creators of the film met with Russian animators in the British Embassy. Barry shared his view on Tchaikovsky’s music, history of the film’s creation and how he interacted with the doll. The event was attended by Irina Margolina, Nataliya Dabizha, Stanislav Sokolov, Elena Chernova, Alexey Demin, Andrey Khrzhanovskiy, Aida Zyablikova and others.

The events were organized by: Studio M.I.R., the State House-Museum of P. I. Tchaikovsky, Embassy of Great Britain in Russia, Business Traveller Magazine and Russian Animated Film Association.

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