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SRA. Film 2. Nikolai Hodataev

Year of Issue:2010

Film 2
Nikolai Hodataev
The Artist and The Epoch

The film is based on the diaries of Nikovais brother Aleksei Hodataev, and his own notes and letters. The film also grounds on the data from the private archives of Hodataevs family, Film Museum funds and Film and Photo Documents Archive in Krasnogorsk.

Advisors: Nikolai Izvolov, Aleksandr Deryabin, Egor Borodin, Natalya Chertova

Materials provided by Mark Lyahovetskij, film archive in Belije Stolbi in Krasnogorsk, Film Museum archive, private archives of Hodataevs family, Cherkes and Lazarev families.

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